Warehouse Art Gallery

These are the current artists displaying their artwork in the gallery.

Artists Represented at the Warehouse Art Gallery
First Name Last Name Nature of Art
Chris Anderson Jewelry, prints and cards of local scenes
Caron Baker-Wike Pottery
Lillian Bass Large abstract acrylic paintings
Jeni Benos Sterling Silver jewelry
Helen Berliner Paintings, giclee prints
Deb Booth Traditional, digital, & fractal photography, Serenity DVD’s
Pat Bowman Oil paintings, limited edition prints
Nancy Brady Contemporary oil paintings
Victoria Britto Wooden hand carved sculptures
Wolf Brueckmann Contemporary oil paintings
Ray Byram Giclee prints of mountain and pastural landscapes
Eileen Carlock Nature and landscape photography
Keeler Chapman Oil and acrylic paintings
Virginia Cook Stained glass
Kate Coopersmith Jewelry
David Copley Contemporary sculptures, pottery
Kate Costello Jewelry
Rana Cullers Poems
Jill Darnell Writer
Michael Dean Large expressionist and impressionist paintings
Kathy Deignan Photography
Darby Doetzer Contemporary acrylic, ink, and oil paintings
Nichole Dunn Contemporary oil paintings
Jim Edmunds Photographs of local scenes
Johanna Elik Native American Portrait Paintings
Tom Evans Artistically turned natural wood bowls
Brenda Fairweather Ceramics, baskets, lavender soaps
Cailyn Ferguson Acrylic and mixed media paintings
Kelly Ferguson Acrylic paintings and pen/color pencil drawings
John Fisher Ceramic busts and figures
Sherry Ford Jewelry
Steve Garrett Fluid acrylic paintings, coasters, and vases
Michal Gayer Oil paintings
Teo Graca Prints on canvas of photoshop manipulated original photos.
Cassie Gray Photography
Jewelry Grech Jewelry
Bobbie Greer Ceramics
Katie Gwin Contemporary acrylic paintings
Margaret Hamilton Watercolor landscapes
David Heatwole Acrylic and mixed media paintings
June Heintz Stoneware sculpture
Scott Hillman Pen & ink drawings, oil, acrylic, & watercolor paintings
David Hochhalter Blown glass
Jan Holczer Jewelry
Gary Hostetter Mixed media paintings, wooden sculptures
Michael Hough Contemporary sculptures using found steel
Andy Ilachinski Digital photography
Danny Jewell Contemporary acrylic paintings
Charlene Johnston Creative clothing and accessories
Angelina Kelly Jewelry
Lucia King Paintings, pen and ink drawings
Rob Kloetzer Watercolor paintings
Stephanie Lazanowski Primitive chairs
Kevin Lewis Mobiles
Jim Lieb Pottery
Rebecca Lilly Books of Haiku poetry, notecards, landscape photographs
Chance Liscomb Contemporary sculpture, acrylic paintings
Don Liscomb Contemporary sculpture, natural tables, belt chairs
Lindy Liscomb Large equine oil paintings
Sam Liscomb Rustic tables
Jim Mayes Contemporary sculpture, large acrylic abstract paintings
Dick Mazziotti Stained glass
Kevin McCoy Oil Paintings
Mathew McFarren Oil paintings, landscapes and portraits
Ron Lee Salkind Meliment Polaroid photography, manipulated during processing
Angelique Miller Jewelry, paintings, stained glass
Cathie Miranda Pottery, including black clay
Jeff Mitchell Mixed media prints
Michel Mitchell Contemporary acrylic paintings
Stephani Moore Jewelry
Jean Moyer Oil and acrylic paintings
Josh Moyer Steel sculpture
Don Muscher Carved wooden bowls, figurines, and misc.
Twila Needt-Bracken Wine cork necklaces
Wolfgang Neudorfer Oil paintings, landscapes and portraits
Phyllis Northup Nature watercolors, jewelry
Russ Nunberg Landscape & Aviary photography
Chris Odell-Ferguson Contemporary acrylic paintings
Charles Overman Large steel sculpture
Chico Padillo Contemporary acrylic paintings
Gerald Painter Prints of pencil drawings of historic Page Valley structures
Barbara Paul Jewelry
Ted Pellegatta Book – Photographs of the Blue Ridge Mountain area
Bill Pinkham Large hand built ceramic pots
Paul Quigg Acrylic paintings, pencil drawings
Manuel Riaz Stone sculptor
Hannah Robb Jewelry
Susan Rocke Jewelry and scarves
Wendy Rome Stone and wood sculptures
Cynthia Rosen Contemporary acrylic paintings
H.M. Saffer II Oil Paintings
Gary Saylor Watercolor paintings and prints
BJ Schmidt Pottery
Charmaine Shaw Mixed media monoprints
Debra Sheffer Oil paintings of landscapes
Laura Sherrill Contemporary oil and acrylic paintings
Rhonda Shifflett Large paintings, acrylic on canvas paper
Ed Lee Showalter III Watercolor paintings
Alice Simon Oil paintings
Gene Sisson Oil paintings
Chris Sjorup Contemporary oil paintings
Ripp Smith Contemporary sculpture
Alex Soler Large figurative metal sculpture
Terri St. Cloud Bone Sigh Art / Verse
Denise Stephens Animals painted on wooden blocks
Joy Tartter Oil, acrylic, watercolor, & pastel paintings of all types
Betsy Taylor Acrylic paintings for children
Michael Wawrzyniec Acrylic landscapes, prints
KC Werner Oil and pastel paintings
Jessica Wexler-Landis Jewelry
Havilah Wingfield Oil paintings
Paul Woods Abstract paintings, short stories, poetry
Tim Younce Japanese Tonka
Neska   Suncatchers
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