Jim Mayes, Owner Warehouse Art Gallery Luray VA

Jim Mayes, Owner Warehouse Art Gallery Luray VA. Mural by Happy the Artist

20 years ago, I listened to a tape set by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled “Manifesting Your Destiny”.

That was my introduction to the “Law of Attraction” which resulted in my opening The Warehouse Art Gallery.

The basis for the Law of Attraction is that everyone and everything in the Universe is energy and all are connected through the universal energy field.

The Law of Attraction works through this energy field by attracting to us more of what we put out to it.

We attract what we think about, dwell upon, watch, listen to, talk about, etc. every day. For that reason, it is important to take in and think about only what we want. What goes around comes around. Judge not lest ye be judged. These and many other similar expressions are talking about this law of attraction.

Again, all things, including emotions and actions, are energy and fall on a continuum from low (negative) to high (positive). Fear is one of the lowest forms of energy and love is one of the highest. Other forms of lower energy are anger, hate, drugs, shame, and judgment. Other forms of higher energy are wholesome foods, clean water, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, etc. There are many in between.

As humans, we all also fall somewhere on this continuum based on the composite of how we have lived our lives. Some of the individuals who have calibrated the highest are Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, etc.

The mission statement I have adopted for my personal life and business reads, “To raise the energy level in my sphere of influence”. My sphere may be small and I may not always make the right choices, but I try always to keep it in mind as I make decisions, which really means making choices.

Every day we make decisions, make choices regarding our lifestyle, our conduct, our associations, etc. and they are choices. We make the choice. It is up to us. That is true for every decision we make.

Ask any of those who associate often with the gallery what my policy is and they will tell you “no politics, no religion, and months ago I added no covid”, and it is not about good or bad, it is about the energy that often results when folks discuss them and I do not want that energy to infect the gallery.

Almost every week someone coming out of the gallery will remark about the fine art displayed and the positive energy they feel, that it is almost spiritual. That is not an accident. It is about choices.

It is this energy that attracts and retains our incredible artists and that folks feel when they visit. As a result, The Warehouse is now recognized as one of the finest galleries in the state.

Please come share your positive energy and we will share ours.

Jim 1/3/21