Hello Folks,

Coming to you from the wonderful Warehouse Art Gallery in downtown Luray, Va.

First, we would like to say Happy New Year and wishing you the best.

Next, we are so grateful for the years of support by our patrons and for the energy of our incredibly creative and talented artists.

While the town of Luray may be small, The Warehouse can boast of having some of the finest artwork you will find anywhere.

The Lucia King Community Quilt project, early 2020, was an experimental group Intention project that turned out fantastic….the completed quilt will be unveiled soon at the Warehouse.

Add to that a wide array of musical instruments and talent, superb writers, and now the fun of Bliss Ninja and our jesters, we are ready to spring into the next phase of Warehouse evolution.

Sometime in 2021 we will be moving into the basement of the Warehouse building. The space is currently being renovated and we will move when complete. The space is incredible, about 11,000 sq. ft. and will be fully temperature controlled with year-round heat and air. It will have track lighting for improved viewing of our artwork. There are numerous spaces so that we can have multiple things going on at the same time. Our focus will be on full involvement with our visitors and community.

We will have:

A music/sound studio.

Lounge area with comfortable seating for reading, visiting or just relaxing. It will include a selection of books, including those of our local writers.

Designated areas for just pottery, jewelry, clothing (including costumes for use and rent), etc.

A performance for the Sunflower Fest in 2019; we aim to explore more group play and performance ritual

A number of stage and performance areas for entertaining our visitors whether on Saturdays or for events.

Designated areas for both adult and child engagement in projects and classes. This will include open canvas for anyone to paint on, a large interactive magnetic poetry board, and art games.

We envision exploration of Self and Other through activities related to Astrology, tarot readings, exercise, yoga, meditation, circus-theatre, mask-making, Spoken Word, Mentoring opportunities etc.

We will host more events, community fund raisers, weddings, reunions, concerts, etc.

We will utilize the lawn area behind the gallery for fun activities and projects, for musical events, and as a sculpture garden.

The Jester King and Jester Queen came out to play for Trunk or Treat Halloween 2020…..many more fun events planned!

Our JESTERVOLUTION is a platform for fun, creativity, and expression that will enhance and expand the heart and soul of our community and offer enrichment to all those we serve.

Our new name is “The Warehouse Art Gallery and Center for Creative Expression”.

Our mission is to provide a space, energy, and opportunity for all who wish to express themselves creatively in whatever form.

Jim Mayes 12/29/20